The imaginative, creative energy of October’s New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25th follows us into early November. The dreamy energy continues through most of the month while Jupiter and Neptune remain in a conjunct aspect in Pisces.

Nevertheless, I recommend an abundance of caution because Mars is forming a difficult 90-degree square aspect with Jupiter and Neptune all month too. There is an abundance of energy at our disposal here, but how we use it is important. Intention matters. And even the best laid plans can be upended by the aggressive energy of Mars.

It is also important to remember that this Mars-Neptune square is still making difficult transiting aspects to the chart of the United States. Jupiter’s presence only amplifies the nation’s tension as we approach Election Day. I am afraid this configuration will only bring lingering anger and resentment to the election results rather than providing much needed healing.

At the end of the month, Mercury and Venus form 180-degree oppositions with Mars and 90-degree squares with Neptune and Jupiter. With five planets in conflict and not wanting to play nicely, the energy may feel very intense and disconcerting. My advice would be to keep everything as simple as possible. We’ll operate best by keeping our heads down and staying focused as much as possible on our personal goals over the next few weeks.

In addition, if you can stay home for the Thanksgiving weekend, do so. At my house we fix a ton of food and hunker down for our annual Harry Potter movie marathon, typically not going anywhere for four days. If you can work from home the following week, try to do that too. That’s my plan. And save yourself from the hassle of traffic and crowds by doing most of your holiday shopping online this year. Thank goodness for Cyber Monday!