Electional astrology is also known as event astrology. It is a branch of astrology that focuses on selecting the best date and time for an important event to take place or for the beginning of a particular venture. Electional astrology is used to optimize the energy behind the event or endeavor and start things off on the path of least resistance.

The nature of the undertaking dictates the selection of an auspicious date and time. For example, is it a business venture, a personal venture such as a wedding, or a medical procedure?

Some days, the planets just line up and the day is considered “lucky” or “auspicious” for everyone. More frequently, though, there are additional factors that need to be taken into account.

Other considerations include the time frame or window for searching for an optimal date, any restrictions on days of the week or times of the day, the location where the event will take place, and your own personal birth information or natal chart.


If the event involves more than one person, such as a wedding, I also look at the natal chart of the second most important person involved and possibly the couple’s composite chart.

I recognize that while trying to optimize the energy, there are some things one cannot entirely control around the selection of the best date and time. That is why, when doing electional astrology, I try to look for more than one day and a window of time in which to undertake the activity.

For Booking 

I will need to know the nature of the event, as well as your date of birth, as close to the exact time as possible (preferably off your birth certificate), and your place of birth (city, state/ province, and country) to start the process of looking for potential dates.


Electional astrology requires extensive preparation for what ends up being a relatively short consultation. That is why your investment for this type of reading depends on the time and complexity of the preparation involved.


The range of your investment will vary and starts at $300/ hour.



I always do my best to approach a reading with intelligence, respect, and prudence. However, astrology has limits as a counseling tool. Therefore, as a mature adult, it is up to you to decide what information I share with you feels right and what information to disregard. As you exercise your free will, I am in no way responsible for the outcomes of your decisions. By purchasing an astrology reading, you agree that your reading is subject to your own interpretation and that the information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice.