I approach astrology respectfully because I am sensitive to the fact that I am looking at something very personal when I examine someone’s birth chart. From my point of view, the practice of astrology is the thoughtful reading of planetary energy and exploring how those patterns play out in an individual’s life. I strive to empower my clients and I firmly believe that the stars merely inform the nature of our experience, rather than determining outcomes. We still possess the ability to adjust our perspective, exercise our free will, and shape our own destiny. I see astrology as a map for self-actualization, personal growth, and success.   


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Natal Chart Reading

This is an in-depth look at your personal birth chart. You will learn more about what motivates you and what you are here to achieve. If you are a new client this is the place to start.

Annual Chart Update Reading

This reading is for a returning client who wishes to understand the changing planetary energy and how it is influencing your life right now. Working with the current astrological energy can help you thrive instead of just surviving.

Relationship Chart Reading

Gain insight into yourself, your relationship style, and your significant other. Find out how you and your partner function as a team. Helpful for both interpersonal and professional relationships.

Business Astrology Reading

This reading is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs who would like more guidance when creating plans for both day-to-day and long-term business strategies.

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Electional Astrology Reading

Electional astrology is also known as event astrology. Your endeavors deserve to be launched or finalized under the best possible circumstances. Picking a date that is astrologically beneficial to your activity can help support a positive outcome.


Astrological Musings February 2024

There are many natal charts for the USA and I am aware of at least 10 variations. A master astrology I currently take bi-annual workshops with makes a good argument for using the natal chart that places the initial vote for Independence on July 2, leaving the next two days to refine the document now […]

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Astrological Musings January 2024

Plan to hit the ground running in early 2024. When Mercury goes direct on January 2nd we have to opportunity to move into the new year with energy. And after Uranus goes direct on January 27th, we have two whole months without any retrograde planets. It will be full steam ahead.   If you are […]

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Astrological Musings December 2023

New Year’s Resolutions After the Summer Solstice we begin to gradually move towards the shortest and darkest day of the year on the Winter Solstice. On the evening or early morning of the Winter Solstice we begin to shift back to increasing the light every day until we again celebrate the Summer Solstice. In ancient […]

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