A friend of mine posted a funny meme on her Instagram that said something like this: “The holidays are stressful because it is suddenly freezing outside, and you have 35 deadlines due within three weeks and everyone is panicking, and it’s dark all the time.” This pretty much sums up the energy of the separating Saturn-Uranus square, as well as the holiday rush. We are all kind of asking ourselves, “What just happened?” Yes, the social change and personal growth stimulated by several passes over the last couple of years between Saturn and Uranus can blind side us, even when we see it coming.

Another reason we will still be trying to clear our heads in December is due to the Neptune – Jupiter conjunction in Pisces forming a 90-degree square aspect to the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius and to Mars in Gemini. This configuration is called a T-square and can be difficult to navigate because it excites frustration and impatience, even in the calmest individual. Fortunately, this aspect won’t last long. All these planets move away from each other by the second week of the month.

By the middle of the December, the sociable Sun in Sagittarius is asking us to get out and play. The Sun will be making a 90-degree square aspect to the Jupiter- Neptune conjunction and this will highlight the desire for some recreation or escapism. However, Saturn will be making a nice 120-degree trine aspect to the Sun around this time too, keeping us grounded and levelheaded.

On December 30, Mercury in Capricorn goes retrograde until January 18th. Try to keep your New Year’s Eve plans flexible – things could easily change. With Pluto making a conjunct aspect to Mercury and bringing a more introspective tone to the evening, you may just decide to keep things simple and stay home. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lovely evening, regardless.