Expect your days to be fast paced and demanding this month. That is because all the planets will be in direct motion throughout March. There is literally nothing holding their energy back.  In addition, three planets will be changing signs.

Early in the month, Saturn will move into Pisces, where it will mostly reside until February 2026. Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and the co-ruler of Aquarius, the two signs that precede Pisces. Saturn is happy and at ease in those two signs, Pisces, on the other hand, represents a very different kind of energy. While Saturn is a planet that likes structure and goal setting, Pisces is a sign that defies definition and dissolves boundaries. Pisces operates on the energetic and intuitive level.

Saturn in Pisces could express itself positively in spiritual endeavors or pursuits. But it can also create a fearful, paranoid orientation. I think we may see an uptick in depression and anxiety in a lot of people. If you feel that yourself, then consider that you might be feeling the energy of Saturn in Pisces and plan activities that will help you manage these feelings constructively. For example, I think many more people will start reconnecting with nature in a meaningful way. And I think we will also see an increased interest in pursuits like meditation and mindfulness practices. Saturn in Pisces is the perfect time to level-up when it comes to your relationship with the Divine.

The most anticipated planetary shift of 2023 is Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius. The last fifteen years was defined by Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto first moved into Capricorn in 2008, right on the coat tails of a real estate crisis and financial crisis of significant proportions. And during Pluto’s tenure in Capricorn, there has been a significant shift of wealth to the upper one percent of citizens. Income inequality has dominated many political discussions over the last fifteen years.

Now, with Pluto in Aquarius, there will be an active push to rebalance the financial markets, debts (both personal and national), and social injustice. That is because Aquarius is the ultimate “by the people, for the people” and “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité sign. Therefore, it is no surprise that Pluto was In Aquarius while the American and French revolutions were being fought.

Like many other astrologers, I believe that Pluto in Aquarius will bring a revolution to our educational systems. I also believe we will see a new era in space exploration. And we are on the cusp of another technology revolution because Aquarius rules technology and scientific innovation.

Hopefully, we will finally move in the direction where technology truly liberates our time for other pursuits and improves everyone’s quality of living. With this will come an increased push for a four-day work week. I also hope we will responsibly use new technologies to clean up the accumulated toxic mess we have created on Earth starting way back from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (when Pluto was last in Aquarius).

Pluto will occupy Aquarius until 2044, with a couple of returns by retrograde motion into Capricorn over the next couple of years. We are in a transition period right now as Pluto’s energy recalibrates with a radically different kind of energy that it has expressed for the past 15 years. By 2025, we will start to appreciate the impact of Pluto in Aquarius in our lives.

Near the end of March, Mars will move into Cancer. For the most part, Mars and the sign of Cancer are antithetical. Mars wants to be straightforward and assertive and Cancer enters into an interaction indirectly and softly. People with Mars in Cancer can be both very nurturing, as well as passive aggressive. If you are looking to improve your own health or you are working in an artistic or health-related field, this a good time to launch a new project or program. Mars will be in Cancer through mid-May.