In some ways, there isn’t much to say about the aspects in February. All the planets are in direct motion and moving swiftly along unimpeded. You may feel a little overwhelmed.

The first week or so exudes a fun sexiness factor with Venus and Mars in a 90-degree square aspect. This is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day vibe. And Venus keeps making magic all month when she moves into a conjunction with Jupiter in the last week of the month. If you are an early Aries or have anything on the first ten degrees of a fire sign, the end of February will be particularly pleasant.

The social mood of the country may be a little gloomy near Valentine’s Day too, though. Mercury and Pluto will be in a conjunct aspect (very close to each other in the sky) and this prompts conversations that are serious and deeper than usual. It could even spark some tempers.

In addition, transiting Pluto continues to conjunct natal Pluto in the chart of the United States and transiting Saturn will move into a conjunction with the country’s natal Moon. The Moon rules the house of taxes and other people’s money in the USA’s natal chart. This Saturn-Moon conjunction will leave the country feeling mostly negative about the economy. It may even mark the noticeable amplification of conversations around stagflation and the struggling economy, but Congress will be a loss as to how to address the issues facing most Americans.