There will be lots and lots of planetary activity this June. The month starts off with Venus moving into the sign of Cancer and forming a lovely trine to Jupiter in Pisces. For those who have found being at home these last few months pleasant, that energy will continue at the beginning of June. This is also a good time for a deep, Spring-cleaning. If you haven’t already tried to find what “sparks joy” among your possessions, this is nice energy for starting that practice now.  

The nesting vibe probably won’t last long and, other than Spring-cleaning, June is a good month to either stick to what is working, or fine tune an existing system or project. On June 10th there is an Annular Solar Eclipse. Both the Sun and the Moon will conjunct retrograde Mercury at 19 degrees of Gemini and all three will square Neptune in Pisces. This eclipse could impact us in two ways. The first is to simply create a lot of confusion. Mercury retrograde in aspect to Neptune can certainly have that effect. The second way it can impact us is to create either the impulse or the need to explore our spiritual beliefs and inner nature.

Neptune is going to be making a 90-degree square aspect to three personal planets – the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. In doing so, Neptune brings its spiritual influence out of the subconscious and into the front of our minds. One question to explore is if your spiritual beliefs are in alignment with your core values and your day-to-day life.

In addition to Neptune’s influence, an annular solar eclipse symbolizes the light prevailing over darkness. An annular eclipse is a lot like a total solar eclipse except that the Moon is a little too far away from Earth to entirely obscure the Sun. This leaves a ring or halo of light around the edges of the otherwise darkened Sun. Try setting some time aside on Thursday, June 10 to reflect on your soul’s wellbeing.

The theme of reviewing your beliefs and values will continue when Jupiter goes retrograde at 2 degrees of Pisces on June 20. This is the day before the Summer Solstice, which is always an important spiritual day, and Jupiter will be turning retrograde while still making a supportive 120-degree trine aspect to the Sun. This aspect will increase the highly spiritual influences of the Solstice, magnifying the positive energy of the longest, brightest day of the year.

Mercury will go back into direct motion on June 22, right after the Solstice. Give it about two weeks (second week in July) to get back on track before buying a new cell phone, computer, or car.

On June 24th there is a Full Moon eclipse at 3 degrees of Capricorn. The first Full Moon of summer is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon because it is a time when summer’s earliest fruit ripens and is ready to consume. Jupiter will conjunct the Sun all the way through the end of the month, once again lending its spiritual influence and prompting us to go inside and reflect on our core beliefs and any longing lurking in our souls.