Mentally and emotionally, July will exemplify the challenges of re-entering society after weathering the prolonged isolation created by the virus.

We begin July with two contrary astrological phenomena that will dominate most of the energy throughout the month. The first is Mars, Saturn and Uranus, all in fixed signs, forming a tight T-square configuration. Mars and Saturn will be in a 180-degree opposition to each other and Uranus will be in 90- degree square aspect to both Mars and Saturn. A planetary set-up like this feels like witnessing three gangs engaged in a schoolyard fight. This much tension in the sky may equate into many people feeling randomly anxious or agitated.

I also think that this indicates continued record-breaking heat across the country and our news feeds being riddled with disharmony. If you take a vacation during this time, you may want to leave your phone on vibrate so you can check out of the world scene in peace and quiet. Taking a cruise or going off the grid are appealing options too.

By mid-July, this T-square will start to disperse as Mars moves out of orb and heads into the later degrees of Leo. However, taking its place in the anxiety inducing department will be Mercury and Pluto in opposition to each other beginning in the third week of the month. Mercury opposing Pluto is a feature of the USA’s natal chart. In this case, Mercury will be sitting on the USA’ natal Mercury and Pluto is within orb of a conjunction with the USA’s natal Pluto. I expect further division and misinformation to impact our democratic process.

The second phenomenon we’ll be feeling in July is having four retrograde planets in the sky throughout the month. Typically, there are two retrograde planets in the sky at any given time. However, when there are four retrograde planets it can be difficult to stay focused and on track. It is not unlike Mercury retrograde, in some senses, although less emphasis is on communications and electronics. Time may feel like it is moving slowly, or we feel like we are running with the brakes on.

The positive use of this energy is to review projects and refine them – making them perfect after thorough revision. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto will all continue to be retrograde in August, as well, so there will be plenty of time to get the details ironed out.