There are many natal charts for the USA and I am aware of at least 10 variations. A master astrology I currently take bi-annual workshops with makes a good argument for using the natal chart that places the initial vote for Independence on July 2, leaving the next two days to refine the document now known as the Declaration of Independence and distribute it. In 1776, news wasn’t issued in real time, so this argument has some merit.

In the USA: Nation No. 4 chart, the Moon is conjunct Pluto in late Capricorn. If this chart is the “real” natal chart of the United States, it suggests that not only has the nation completed its first Pluto return, but it has also finished its first Pluto-Mercury opposition and Pluto-Moon conjunction. These transiting aspects can definitely explain the effect the discomforting array of information sources has had on our country over the last few years. The question is: how do we remedy this so that truth mostly prevails?

With Pluto now in Aquarius for most of the year (it makes a short return to Capricorn between Sept. 2 and Nov. 19 before returning to Aquarius until 2044) we will have to observe how our country manages its communications and conversations. Aquarius is a sign that celebrates both individuality and human rights, both original thinking and accessible information. For example, will citizens start to demand more balanced news information with more fact and less commentary? Will something like the Fairness Doctrine be reinstated? Will more people get out to vote and make their voices heard than ever before?  We shall see.

If the natal moon of the USA is really in Capricorn, we should start to see the emotional tenor and dialogue of the nation mature and become more refined. Of course, there will be hiccups in these early years, but the trend should be moving towards authenticity rather than obfuscation. 

Pluto in Aquarius will make several aspects to inner planets in February. First Mercury will conjunct Pluto on February 5. Then the New Moon will be in a conflicting 90-degree square aspect with Uranus on February 8. Then Mars will conjunct Pluto on February 13. And, finally, Venus conjuncts Pluto on February 16th. So I’m not expecting reason to take over any time this month. And I do think people’s frustrations will be front and center during any discourse. This month the key will be to protect your inner peace. Maintain a positive inner dialogue and to take a deep breath and pause before responding to anyone or anything with which you may disagree.