On February 19th the Sun moved into Pisces. Pisces is a mutable water sign that corresponds with late winter and the first signs of spring. This is usually a time of year with much promise and much that is still coming into fruition. The direct motion of Mercury on February 21st initiates the process of renewal.

March is a very unusual month in that all the planets will be in direct motion. Statistically, there are usually two retrograde planets at any given time. With everything in direct motion we can expect to accelerate quickly forward and maintain a rigorous pace.

There will be an interlude of dreamy energy when the Sun closely meets Neptune between March 6th and March 16th. That is when the Sun – Neptune conjunction will be at maximum impact and Spring Fever will be in the air. This feeling intensifies when Venus joins the conjunction between March 10th and March 18th. This is a nice time to reconnect romantically with your significant other or to bond with new baby or pet. It is also a time to send your hopes, dreams, and wishes out into the universe like bursting cherry blossoms. Possibility is everywhere with a Sun- Venus- Neptune stellium (3 or more planets in a conjunction).

Since Saturn and Uranus will be in a tight 90-degree square aspect to each other, there is no need to fear being lost in your imagination. These two planets will make sure all our aspirations are tethered firmly to a realistic plan that can be implemented. This Saturn- Jupiter aspect can also leave you feeling like you are running with the breaks on.

Saturn and Jupiter aspects occur at fairly regular intervals and are harbingers of societal change. Without difficult aspects to push humanity into new territory and new levels of consciousness, there would probably be very little deviation from the past. The current combination of astrological aspects coupled with the common use of technology is hurtling us faster towards change than we ever thought possible. That is why it is very important to develop a practice that helps keep you centered and grounded. This is the perfect month to start or strengthen a mediation or prayer routine. And don’t forget to exercise!