September begins with all five outer planets in retrograde. Usually there are two to 3 three planets in retrograde, so five retrograde planets is a highly unusual occurrence. This energy may feel more difficult to make progress with open projects.

Having five planets in retrograde will hopefully make September a somewhat calmer, more introspective month than we’ve been experiencing for most of the summer. At least from an astrological perspective. This will be especially true when Mercury goes retrograde on September 10th. All these retrograde planets are asking us to reflect on our goals and refine our plans. Meditation or prayer, gentle exercise like tai chi or yoga, and engaging in creative endeavors are wonderful activities for this astrological energy too.

In addition, the Full Moon on September 10th will widely conjunct transiting Neptune. Neptune will bring a dreamy quality to the Full Moon. Take the time to get some extra rest right now, even taking some time off if you can do so. This could be a very creative time, especially if you are a Pisces or Virgo.

Venus will trine Pluto and oppose Neptune towards the end of the month. This is also very nice energy for Virgos and Pisces natives. And it can be a very creative time, too.

Most of the exciting planetary activity will occur closer to the end of the month. The New Moon on September 25 will square transiting Jupiter. This is a very expansive aspect. Jupiter tends to amplify the energy of whatever planet with which it comes into contact. If you are someone who responds strongly to the Full Moon in general, this will feel like a Full Moon on steroids.

September wraps up with two major aspects that will either feel exciting or destabilizing, depending on how they affect your natal chart. Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will be within one degree of forming its final exact square aspect in October. Remember that Saturn square Uranus is an aspect that initiates social change. It is a very long transit because both Saturn and Uranus take a long time to orbit around the Sun. Saturn takes approximately 28 years to orbit all the way around the Sun and Uranus takes 84 years. That’s why we’ve been seeing signs of impending social change for several years. However, we will likely see an increase in this energy within a few years after the last exact meeting of these two planets next month.

Finally, Mars will square Neptune at the end of September and beginning of October. This aspect is also creating aspects with the Mars-Neptune square in the chart of the United States. This is a time to reconcile our national history of exploiting or sidelining the poor and minority groups. So far, our country is in conflict about addressing these matters. Failure to heal these issues and become more inclusive will be at our peril as democracy.