We transition into September with all the outer planets in retrograde Motion:  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Having 5 planets in retrograde at one time is very unusual. But wait, they are joined by Mercury retrograde on September 28th for a total of 6 retrograde planets! This is very, very unusual.

All this retrograde activity makes September a good time to review and re-order projects and systems that need updating. For example, I have been creating the content in writing for a work related project. Working in isolation on the platform for a larger project is the perfect use of this energy. I have also been going through old photographs, documents, notes, and so on that have been living in boxes far too long. Reviewing, revising, and sorting are also good uses of this energy. Whatever areas you clear and whatever ground work you lay down and perfect now will have the chance to come out into the light of day in October after Mercury goes direct again.

The New Moon and Sun will be in a very easy trine aspect to Uranus on September 6. This is a nice day to brainstorm some new ideas that you may work on in September, but complete in October.

The month also begins with Mars in Virgo will be in a 180-degree opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Remember that this is a stressful aspect. And in this particular case, the aspect is exact at 22 degrees on Sept. 3rd. It will continue to remain in the opposition for the first couple of weeks in September. As I mentioned in August, Mars in a hard aspect to Neptune is one of my least favorite aspects. It is an aspect of exploitation and abuse, at its worst. But even at its best, this aspect can deplete one’s physical and mental energy.

Neptune is at 22 degrees of Virgo and Mars is at 21 degrees of Pisces in the natal chart of the USA. So in the first two weeks of September, the natal chart of the USA will be under a lot of stress as the transiting Mars-Neptune opposition activates the Mars-Neptune 90-degree square in the chart of our country. In simple language, expect emotions to continue to run high and don’t expect reason to prevail. In addition, self-care will be of great importance in September!

If you can afford to lay low and stay mostly close to home then do just that, while making sure you get plenty of rest and healthy food.

Also in the beginning of September the Sun and Uranus will be in harmony with an easy 120-degree trine aspect. Mars will also be in a pleasant 120-degree trine aspect to Pluto. But Venus will be in 90-degree square aspect to Pluto, which isn’t as nice. Since both Venus and Mars move fairly quickly compared to Pluto, these aspects will only last a couple of weeks.

Speaking of Pluto, it is currently making some difficult aspects to the natal chart of the NYSE and will continue to do so for several months to come. Perhaps this will create some gyrations in the stock market; although Jupiter and Uranus are usually to blame for that. Since there are several Taurus planets in the NYSE chart, I suspect that Uranus in Taurus is the reason for the inflated stock values of the last few years. However, Pluto in Capricorn may burst that bubble at some point in the next 2.5 years. I recommend caution when it comes to investing right now.