May isn’t going to all light and airy and sunny weather. It is actually going to be a rather emotionally intense month!

The month starts out with a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th. This eclipse is within orb to make a conjunction with the South Node. Scorpio energy is intense, regardless. Coupled with the South Node, this eclipse is asking us to go deep inside and look at any behaviors, emotions, emotional reactions, or fears that we would like to change. We are being asked to face these things with unflinching honesty and courage, and then change those neurological red wires to green wires. We do this by substituting old bad habits or ways of thinking with better habits and new ways of thinking.

Pluto in Aquarius squaring the nodal axis is reinforcing the message of the Lunar eclipse and South Node. Again, we are being challenged to start changing old behaviors, ways of thinking, and habits that aren’t benefiting us so we can move forward effectively into the much-anticipated age of Aquarius. Don’t let these changes or endings disturb you. Remember that the beautiful sacred lotus flower grows out of the mud. We can’t move forward and blossom if we are hanging on to negative preconceptions and judgements and internal dialogues, detrimental patterns, and grudges. 

On May 9, the Sun will be in an exact conjunction with Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. Because both of these planets will be in Taurus, a money sign, I imagine things will get very heated as the government haggles over the debt ceiling. But the United States has its natal Sun in Cancer, a sign that plays nicely with Taurus because both signs desire security. I am hoping that our government’s better instincts prevail, and an agreement is reached on the budget before the country goes into default. 

Mercury goes direct on May 15 and will form a conjunction with the North Node and Jupiter. Under normal circumstances this would be a great combination of planets. But on May 17, when Jupiter moves into Taurus, it will form an exact 90-degree square to Pluto and 180-degree opposition to Mars.  This T-square will feel like the Lunar Eclipse felt a couple of weeks earlier, but on steroids. This energy will last from May 16 to 23 and, in the middle of it all, there is a Full Moon on May 19. Full Moons do tend to aggravate people. It will be really important to stay calm and rested.

The remainder of the month is still largely under the influence of the T-square I just described. I urge you to indulge in self-care and stay focused on the life you want to create and remember that opportunity is everywhere.