April ended with a solar eclipse at 10 degrees of Taurus that made a tight conjunction to both the Sun and transiting Uranus. I think most of us have had enough of unexpected plot twists, but this is the kind of aspect that prompts more change, as well as innovation. If there is something in your life that is uncomfortable and needs adjusting, do not wait until the situation explodes before addressing the problem. Addressing it may create chaos, but the chaos is likely to be temporary if you have really thought through your strategy. The influence of a solar eclipse can last up to six months, so we can expect the rest of this year to continue to be a game changer.  

Mercury goes retrograde on May 11, the same day that Jupiter changes signs and moves into Aries. This will create a kind of push-me-pull-you energy, as Jupiter wants to surge ahead in a restless, fiery blaze and Mercury is saying, “Not so fast cowboy!” Fortunately, Jupiter is going to catch the tail end of a conjunction to Venus and this can create feelings of love, good will, and inclusion.

Mars will conjunct Neptune exactly on May 18 and many of you already know that those challenging aspects between Mars and Neptune are not my favorite aspects. This conjunction can create smoke screens and conflicting information. Since Neptune can also be a very spiritual influence in our lives, I suggest that this is a good time to take a step back from difficult matters and approach everything with as much mindfulness as you can muster for the rest of the month. Not only does the Mars-Neptune conjunction require this approach, but Mercury retrograde is making it imperative.  

On May 25, Mars will change signs and join Jupiter in Aries. This conjunction can really jump start us into action again, even though Mercury will still be retrograde. This is a good time to put the finishing touches on a long-standing project in preparation for a launch after Mercury goes direct in June.