Batten down the hatches because 2020 is ramping up with some intense planetary action. Pluto in Capricorn will continue to make very challenging aspects to the natal chart of the United States through 2023. At that point Pluto moves into Aquarius and we might finally be able to collectively exhale, but probably not before then. Pluto has a “take no prisoners” kind of energy, so everyone in the country will be changed by the remaining time with this transit. Repression and suppression are Pluto’s strategy. A positive use of the energy at this time would be to undertake serious reforms that restore liberty and justice for all.

Saturn and Pluto will finally form an exact conjunction on January 7 and remain in a loose conjunction all year. It Is possible for these two planets to form a conjunction approximately every 35 years. However, the last time Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn was in 1518! (Martin Luther had just started the Protestant Reformation in late 1517, destabilizing European politics for decades to come.) The Full Moon on January 10 will emphasize this conjunction further. Capricorn is a planet of tradition. Saturn is Capricorn’s natural ruler and is a planet of discipline and restraint. Pluto Is a planet of contraction and destruction.  By the end of January they will both be forming a 180 degree opposition to natal Mercury in the chart of the United States. This is going to cause a lot of angst for our country because natal Mercury is in the nurturing, emotional sign of Cancer. Both sensitive Cancer and Mercury are the energetic antithesis of stern Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter will make three exact conjunctions with Pluto this year. The first is in April. Jupiter and Pluto form a conjunction approximately every 12 years. This is an aspect that is sometimes referred to “the bubble that burst.” As a country, we have many illusions about our society and the world around us. And many of these illusions are not really rooted in reality. Will we be able to reconcile our illusions and tightly held beliefs about our selves and our country with what is actually true and authentic? It will be very important to stay focused on truth gathering and critical thinking while ignoring personalities, sound bites, and our own fears. Check and recheck every so-called fact and scenario you encounter because nothing will be as it appears. Also reflect on the challenges you were dealing with about 12 years ago. The economic downturn/ recession of late 2007/ early 2008 comes to my mind. Think about that and how you dealt with it. What worked and what would you do differently? Remember that humans are adaptable and can learn to change. 

 Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will be conjunct in Capricorn throughout most of 2020. When three of more plants come together in conjunction this is called a stellium.  The Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto stellium puts even more pressure on the natal chart of the United States than Pluto by itself, causing emotions to run high all year. That will create volatility in nearly every area of society, especially after Mars transits through Capricorn and joins the stellium in March. Mars will continue to stir things up for much of the rest of the year when it transits through Aries, squaring the stellium. Expect this to be particularly acrimonious and hostile political cycle, given the aspects.

Saturn will move briefly into Aquarius in the Spring and then permanently move there in December. There is likely to be a big shift in energy.  Jupiter and Saturn will form a “Great Conjunction” in Aquarius. These two planets form an exact conjunction every 20 years. The last time they did so in an air sign was in the early 1980’s. And that was historically atypical. Since the early 1800’s Jupiter and Saturn have formed conjunctions every 20 years in earth and, occasionally, fire signs. This period of time (the Industrial Age of the last 200+ years), expressed unrestrained exploration and exploitation of the planet. The Great Conjunction in Taurus in 2000 was a last hurrah for this old way of looking at the planet through the lens of avarice. However, the pull to keep doing what we have been doing will be great because transiting Uranus will be in Taurus making a square 90 degree hard aspect the “Great Conjunction” in Aquarius.

From 2020 through 2100 Jupiter and Saturn will continue to make conjunctions in air signs. This new planetary pattern in air signs will change humanity’s focus during this century and is also indicative of a change in humanity’s relationship with the planet. Indeed, in order to survive as a species and achieve harmony with our environment, we must reframe our mindset, use intelligence and critical thinking, and be innovative in spectacularly new ways. On a lighter note, Mercury will go retrograde in Pisces from February 17 to March 10. Retrogrades are always a good time to go inward and reflect. Pisces is a very agreeable sign for this activity. Ask for clarity when needed and express yourself as clearly as possible. If something needs to be redone then this a good time to make the revision. Just don’t make a big purchase or buy any new electronic devices during this time unless absolutely necessary. There is a Super Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th. If you are looking for answers, you just might find them then